Solar Power Company Opportunities And Hurdles

Solar Power Company Opportunities And Hurdles

1 July 2020
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Solar power is an emerging energy source in North America. As it is still in its infant stage in the commercial and residential markets, there are many opportunities to take advantage of. There are also hurdles to be aware of when considering solar power as an energy source for your home or business.

On the commercial side, solar power has been around for years, with government incentives fueling the momentum in the industry. Incentives will vary in each state, so it's important to investigate before looking into this. If you are a property owner looking to construct a new building with solar panels or you are just looking to add some panels to your existing building, enlisting the services of an architect and engineer may be in your best interest. The engineer will do all the technical work, and an architect can make sure that what you end up placing on your building won't be an eyesore. They may even find a low-cost way for the panels to blend in with the architectural form of your building. More importantly, architects and engineers will know of solar panel companies in your area that have a good track record.

Installing solar panels on a home is a greater challenge. While the technology is improving in efficiency every year, the cost is still a burden for most home-owners. Bulk-purchasing changes that. Homeowners can pool their resources to buy the panels everyone needs to cover their rooftops, but because they are collectively buying more panels than they would have otherwise, the price (per panel) goes down for everyone. Some groups advertise a group purchasing program where they are affiliated with solar companies and those solar companies acquire the panels necessary to cover homeowners' roofs and install the systems at no additional cost to taxpayers in the state. It's a win for homeowners and solar companies and costs nothing to community members who have no interest at stake.

For those who are looking for solar panels that disappear completely, there are solar companies that specialize in that. A few companies are capable of providing panels that look very similar to roof shingles or other common building components. Other solar companies can provide thin-film solar technology, which takes the weight and bulk out of the equipment. This technology allows for a thin layer of solar cells to be installed over the roof, on a wall, or within panes of glass.

While there are difficulties in implementing solar on your building or property, solar companies are offering more options and opportunities than ever to accommodate your needs. In years to come, the industry will mature in ways that will allow it to serve more business owners and homeowners. Look into your local incentives, installers and programs to see what's available in your area.

To learn more, contact a solar power company.

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