What Does A Residential Solar Panel Installation Process Entail?

What Does A Residential Solar Panel Installation Process Entail?

22 November 2022
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If you want an energy source that is easy on your budget and inexhaustible, solar energy is the way to go. However, to efficiently tap into solar energy, you must install quality solar panels and other equipment. Are you looking to install a solar system? You must be wondering what the installation process entails. This post will explore the solar system installation process to help you invest confidently.

1. Initial Consultation and Site Inspection

Do your research to determine if there are solar panel installation restrictions in your local area. If there are none, reach out to a seasoned solar panel installing company for consultation. The company will send technicians to your home for a site inspection. This entails assessing your household size, electrical appliances, roof condition, weather, and shading. The objective is to determine the type and number of solar panels you will need and the best way to place them for efficient production. After the assessment, the company will give you a transparent quote for the project. If you are happy with the quote, the next step is to get the relevant permits.

2. Permit Application

The solar company might make a drawing of the system before installation if necessary. The drawing includes the numbers, sizes, and locations of solar panels, storage batteries, inverters, and optimizers. Besides ensuring a quick and safe installation, this drawing will come in handy when securing rebates, incentives, and building or electrical permits needed to start the project. Once the permit and incentives are approved, the solar company can start the installation process.

3. Installation

The installation company will order the solar panels and supplies necessary and deliver them to your home. Note that a reliable installation company works with verified suppliers to ensure the equipment is top quality, warrantied, and affordable. On the installation day, the experts first verify that your roof is intact, install cables, a racking system, solar panels, and inverters, and finally set up the storage batteries. The system is now set, but it must be tested and approved before you start using it.

4. Testing and Approval

The utility company needs to inspect the system and approve that it is safe before you can use it. Depending on your location and relevant regulations, the installation company might invite relevant authorities to approve the system. Once validation is complete, the installation company can flip the switch so you can start reaping the system's benefits.

Investing in a solar system is a smart move if you want to cut electrical bills and protect the world from pollution. However, as you can see from the process above, solar panel installation is better handled by a solar company. They will ensure a safe, efficient, and affordable solar system. 

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