Using Solar Panels to Enhance Your Home

Using Solar Panels to Enhance Your Home

19 May 2020
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For a homeowner that wants to improve the functionality and value of their home, the addition of a solar panel system can be an excellent investment to make. However, there can be substantial amounts of misinformation about these renewable power systems, which can lead to a homeowner neglecting to take advantage of this option.

Myth: The Solar Panels Will Have To Provide Enough Output For The Entire Home

A homeowner may assume that they will need to have enough solar panels installed to be able to completely power the home. However, this is not true as it is entirely possible for a homeowner to choose to use these systems to supplement their home's primary power source. You can also configure these power systems so that they will only provide power to specific energy-intensive appliances.

Myth: Solar Panels Will Be Heavy Enough To Damage Your Roof

There is a common assumption that solar panel systems will always be heavy enough to actually cause significant damage to a home's roof over the years. While it is easy to understand this assumption, these panels are fairly lightweight given their large size. Furthermore, a solar panel installation professional will be able to assess whether your roof needs additional supports installed to be able to safely and effectively support the weight of these panels. If this upgrade is needed, it will only add a marginal amount to the cost and the time that this installation will take. Those that live in older homes may find that they are more likely to need this type of upgrade, as their home may have used roofing supports that were fairly low-capacity.

Myth: A Solar Panel System Will Be Difficult And Expensive To Maintain

Another belief that people will often have about solar panel systems is that they require substantial maintenance work from the homeowner to keep these systems functional. Generally, these renewable power systems will be far easier to maintain than homeowners may anticipate. For example, the only maintenance that a homeowner may need to personally perform on their solar panel system will be to clean leaves and dust from the solar panels. If the panels get knocked out of alignment by strong winds or other forces, you will want to have a professional realign them. These professionals will be able to ensure the panels are at the right angle to receive as much sunlight as possible throughout the entire day, which can maximize their energy output.

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