3 Questions To Answer When Installing A Custom Solar System At Home

3 Questions To Answer When Installing A Custom Solar System At Home

10 February 2020
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Are you considering having a solar system installed at home? Here are a few questions to answer before doing so.

On or Off the Grid?

It's important to determine whether you want to be connected to the power grid or go off-grid and completely power your home using solar energy. If you plan to go off the grid, you will need enough solar energy to power everything in your home just like you do now using traditional power.

Your service provider can help you figure out how much power you will need on any given day throughout the year so you don't end up installing a system that's too small. If you'll be staying connected to the grid, you can install a smaller solar system and use your traditional power as a backup when you need it. Your power company may even buy extra solar energy that you produce but don't use during the day.

Partial or Complete Connectivity?

Even if you plan to go totally off the grid, you don't necessarily have to connect your solar system to every appliance in your home. Some things like the washer and dryer can be hooked up to a generator system so they don't drain your solar batteries. You may want to install a power outlet in your home just for generator usage in addition to the outlets that serve your solar system.

This will allow you to plug a blender, microwave, fridge, and other large appliances in when the weather is terrible outside and you aren't collecting as much solar energy as you need. So depending on your specific needs and preferences while living off-grid, you can convert your home to accept only solar power, only generator power, or a combination of the two.

Maintenance Package or DIY?

You will need to maintain your new solar system as time goes on to avoid losing the ability to store sufficient power or facing the prospect of having to replace broken solar panels or batteries. You can learn how to inspect, maintain, and update your solar system as necessary, or you can have your service provider take care of the maintenance for you.

Plan to spend some time reading books, watching videos, talking to experts, and finding the tools you'll need if you want to maintain the system yourself. If you choose professional maintenance, you won't have to worry about any of these things.

Many solar energy companies offer maintenance packages that include multiple visits each year to test, inspect, and repair your system as necessary. Even if your service provider doesn't offer a maintenance package, you should be able to schedule basic maintenance appointments as they are needed throughout the year.

To learn more, contact a solar energy installation company.

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