4 Solar Panel Myths To Not Believe

4 Solar Panel Myths To Not Believe

7 September 2021
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You may notice more homes and even businesses are ending up with solar panels on them. This is because more people are recognizing the advantages solar panels have to offer. Unfortunately, there are many myths that revolve around solar panels, and some people fall for the myths and end up not getting solar panels. You want to make your decision based on the truth. Here are four myths about solar panels that you don't want to believe: 

Myth #1: Solar panels cost a lot of money

The number one myth that can scare a lot of people away from going with solar panels is that they cost a lot of money. Since one of the reasons people like the idea of solar panels is to save money, this myth can be quite efficient at turning people off to them. However, the cost of solar panels has dropped so much in the past two decades that they are quite affordable, even for families with a modest income. Also, there are lease options people can go with that allow them to take on very low to even no costs up-front. 

Myth #2: Solar panels only work well in sunny states

Another myth about solar panels is that they only work well in sunny states. This is a huge concern for people who want solar panels but who live in a cloudy region. Luckily, solar panels will work just fine in a cloudy area. In fact, something interesting to know is that snow can make them work even better because the sun will reflect off the snow, feeding the solar panels even more of it. 

Myth #3: Solar panels damage the roof

The myth that solar panels will destroy the roof is something that can leave someone concerned if they are contemplating getting solar panels. However, this is a concern they don't need to have because, instead of causing damage to the roof, the solar panels will actually protect the area of the roof that they cover by giving it a covering that prevents it from being so exposed to the elements. 

Myth #4: Solar panels can be bad for your home's value

Some people spread the myth that solar panels negatively affect a home's value. The people who perpetrate this myth are likely people who don't like the way they look and therefore assume they would lower the home's value. However, the opposite is true, and having solar panels can end up increasing the value of a home.

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