How To Make Sure Your Solar Panels Are Operating Efficiently

How To Make Sure Your Solar Panels Are Operating Efficiently

26 January 2021
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Solar energy is a sustainable source of energy that converts sunlight into electricity. Solar panels have the ability to power buildings and homes with electricity. They are good for the environment because they reduce the use of fossil fuels and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions while also saving money on electricity bills. However, solar panels are not foolproof, and there are particular factors that can impact their overall efficiency. Keep reading to learn a few of these factors and steps you can take to ensure your solar panels are always operating at maximum efficiency.


Shade is probably one of the most common problems for solar panels since it blocks the sun from reaching the panels. Keep in mind that shade and cloudy skies are not necessarily equivalent. While there is less sun on a cloudy day, it does not mean that sunlight is unable to penetrate through the clouds and reach your solar panels and create the conversion.

True shade occurs when structural barriers or trees block the sun from reaching the solar panels. Trees should be trimmed regularly to ensure that solar panels receive sunlight during the day. When installing solar panels, you should try to avoid installing them where a structure is going to prevent the sunlight from reaching the panels.


Another factor that affects the performance of your solar panels is the weather. Hail and snow are two particular weather elements that tend to inhibit the performance of solar panels, but they don't necessarily halt their operation completely. Solar panels are generally able to retain enough heat so that the snow is able to melt off, while hail generally isn't able to break through the panel glass.

Believe it or not, the hotter the temperatures are, the less efficient the solar panels are. For electricity to be produced through the solar panels, electrons need to move. The hotter the solar panel is, the more electrons that are moving. In turn, this reduces the electricity that can be generated, reducing its overall efficiency. Therefore, your solar panels are more effective on cooler sunny days as opposed to hotter sunny days.


Solar panels need to face a certain way to be most productive in the generation of electricity. If your solar panels are facing the north or east, then they will have poor orientation. Facing in one of these directions, your solar panels will not receive optimal sunlight. Ideally, your solar panels should be facing south to receive the most possible sunlight. However, they can also face west, especially during the summer, to receive optimal sunlight.

For more information, contact a company that installs solar panels.

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